Do you every wonder where all the locals that you see working at the resorts, or building the latest greatest resort live?  We estimate that between 75-90% of them live in invasion territory. Invasion territory is exactly as it sounds. The people invade an area, square off land for themselves, put a fence, and squat there.

In these invasion communities, there is no running water, no septic system, and no real electricity.

Most people tap into the electricity poles, and run a live upwards of 1000 feet in order to be able to run a couple lights and a refrigerator(if they are lucky).

Most of the homes that are in these invasion territories are made from tarps, old beds, maybe some tin metal roofing, and if they are really blessed a concrete block home that will withstand windows and rain.

During hurricanes the area they live in becomes a riverbed. Most houses are filled with what looks like a running river, and sometimes sweeps away their entire house and all their belongings.

God's Sponsorship Program is a way to help these families rebuild their lives, or better their lives. Your sponsorship will be used to help provide groceries for the family you choose. We meet the family at the grocery store, and allow them to purchase the items they need, and we pay using your donation.

By sponsoring a family you provide a bit of hope in what might seem like a hopeless situation.

God bless you for sowing into the lives of so many!




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Want to change a families life?

Below are a few of the families our sponsors have been able to help over the last year.  For more touching stories, Visit our Facebook page.

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Your support is needed to help us continue to support the needs of Los Cabo.  100% of all monies received will go directly to further God's work in Los Cabo.  We thank you for the trust you have placed in us and pledge to use your money to glorify God and build His Kingdom.

Donations of any size are appreciated.