Sponsor a Family

Sponsor A Family

Sponsoring a family is a personal way to show God's love to a family in need.  For just a few of dollars a day, you will help change that families life. This page is going to constantly be updated with new families that we have made contact with who have been verified to qualify for our sponsorship program. To learn more about a particular family, click the link. On the personal families page you will learn about how each family is progressing, and also of any specific needs for that family.

Sponsor families

Sponsor A Family now!

If you would like to sponsor one of these families, it it a year long commitment that the sponsored family uses to get back on their feet. Sometimes it doesn't even take that long, but we commit to a one year term so that we can sow into their lives in other ways besides financially. The sponsorship program, as you can see, has changed MANY lives. Can you help change more lives?

Please contact us for more information about sponsoring your family!